In order to help maintain the spread of COVID-19, all classes have been adjusted to being taught online.

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2020 Winter Camp

  • Reading and Writing (1st Grade)

  • Reader's Theatre (1st Grade)

  • Literature Reading and Critical Essay Writing (2nd-6th Grade)

  • Literature Reading and Analytical Essay Writing (7th-8th Grade)

  • Public Speaking (2nd-6th Grade)

  • Debate (6th-8th Grade)

  • High School Advanced Reading and Writing (9th-11th Grade)

2021 Spring Semester

  • Reading & Writing

  • Math

  • American Literature

  • Literature Reading and Analytical Writing

  • High School Advanced English

  • Public Speaking 

  • Debate

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About Us

SpiderSmart was founded in 1989, and since then it has become a successful nationwide franchise brand. Our learning program has been designed and developed over decades as a unique teaching strategy to benefit our students. Each individual receives customized teaching in class which has been recognized as an exceptional, systematic, and efficient learning experience. 

SpiderSmart Bellaire and Memorial is a proud sponsor and initiator of

Houston Youth News Club


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