2022 Spring Semester (Online and In-Person)

Language Art Classes (online & in-person): (3 students/teacher)

  • Weekly Reading and Writing

  • A601 Highschool Advanced English

Special English Classes (online): (small group)

  • A502 (G6-G8) American Literature 

  • A503_A (G5-G6) Reading Writing with Grammar

  • A503_B (G7-G8) Reading Writing with Grammar

  • A505 (G7-G8) Literature Reading and Analytical Writing

Public Speaking and Debate Classes:

  • (In-Person) Public Speaking (small group)

  • (Online and In-Person) Debate 1 or 2

Math Classes:

  • (Online) AMC8 (small group)

  • (Online) AMC10 (small group)

  • (In-person) Math tutoring (3 students/teacher)

  • (Online) Math tutoring (2 students/teacher)
**Refer a new family and both parties receive $20 off ($15 off for the public speaking and debate class)

About Us

SpiderSmart was founded in 1989, and since then it has become a successful nationwide franchise brand. Our learning program has been designed and developed over decades as a unique teaching strategy to benefit our students. Each individual receives customized teaching in class which has been recognized as an exceptional, systematic, and efficient learning experience.