Reading & Writing

k-12th Grade

The original 3:1 Reading & Writing class where all students' skills are improved in careful instruction by the expertise of teachers.

High School Advanced English 

This course offers short classics with different types of writing assignments, such as expository, argumentative, rhetorical analysis, literary analysis, and synthesis analysis.

A502 American Literature
A502 American Literature

This unit will introduce students to American literature and culture, beginning with the Native American period and ending with Postmodernism.

A503_A&B Reading Writing with Grammar
A503_A&B Reading Writing with Grammar

Details coming soon

Literature Reading and Analytical Writing

This course is meant for 7th-8th grade students who are mastering their middle school writing skills and transitioning to high school.

A505 Literature Reading and Analytical Writing
Public Speaking

2nd Grade and Up

A program that reinforces the essentials of speech.


We offer both Public-Forum (PF) and Lincoln-Douglas (LD) in our two classes: Debate l (Novice) and Debate ll (Advanced).


This course prepares students for the AMC8 or AMC10 mathematics competition.

Math Tutoring

Math tutoring in-person (3 students on 1 teacher) Math tutoring online (2 students on 1 teacher)

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