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Course Details

Coach Stubbs is a debate consultant in the Houston area for the past four years and works with the Houston Urban Debate League and CASE Debates. He previously competed in cross-examination debate and advanced to the tenth round at NSDA Nationals twice in addition to receiving a speaker award there in 2007. He has coached PF teams into invites to the Stanford and Berkeley Round Robin. Mr. Stubbs graduated from Yale University in political science and currently serve as the debate coach in St. John high school

Debate I: We will learn foundational skills necessary for any debate format (flowing, argument structure, research). Lincoln–Douglas (LD) debate and Public Forum (PF) debate will be introduced and we will discuss the differences and strengths of both formats. This class is focused on providing a skill set that can be used across formats.

Debate II: We will sharpen the distinction between LD and PF. More advanced lessons will include case construction, resolution analysis, and drills to polish debate skills. This class is focused on taking that skillset developed earlier and applying it within debate rounds.

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