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Parents of Catherine (7th Grader)

Reading is the most economical way to see the wonder of the universe and the beauty of life. Writing is the most effective way to let your spirit travel beyond time and space limitations.  SpiderSmart program is building and shaping such a good habit for my kids to enjoy reading and writing consistently and continuously for their life. As a parent, no gifts I can give to my children more valuable than their enjoyment of reading and writing throughout their whole life. This program helps me to prepare this gift for my children.  

Parents of Andy (5th Grader)

My son always has too much energy and hardly any focus. I took a chance to try him with SpiderSmart, and not in surprise, he was not cooperative initially. The director and teachers at the center applied various practices to engage his reading and writing interests with continuous encouragement. After a while, he can finish all the assignments on time. We were quite satisfied with this habit, and unexpectedly, he was selected to participate in  the "Ready Writing" contest by his school and won a medal! This is not only a sweet surprise to us, but also he became very confident in studying and proactive now! This is our fantastic experience with SpiderSmart. We will continue progressing in this program!  

Parents of Vivian  (2nd Grader)

Vivian is still in her adorable age. We do not want her to sit in front of a computer and complete those "Multiple Choice" exercises. At this age, it is the best time to shape great habits like reading and start to practice writing. This program firstly helps her to learn grammar and further evoke her independent and critical thinking. Then SpiderSmart weekly assignment drives her to pay attention to story details, understand the various relationships among different characters, and consequently develop a system of reasoning.  Writing is the last part that is most challenging for little kids. In the past two years, we witness that Vivian has gradually acquired the ability to write fluent essays, who really started from gigantic struggles to compose a paragraph word by word.  What is a delight for us now! The center teachers analyze her assignment in great patience, and hence she can consistently progress as time flies. The ability of reading and writing cannot be developed in a short period. We believe as long as our daughter stays in this program, the evolved critical thinking will certainly benefit in various aspects throughout her life. We also want to say "thank-you" to many of the center teachers, for their professional teaching efforts.       

Youlim Y. at Wellesley College ( in the program during high school)

I was not failing school, nor was I receiving low grades, but my parents knew that my reading and writing skills could stand improvement. With the help of the teachers, I strengthened my skills in the grammar, organization, and composition of an essay.  The continual practice of writing essays paid off when it was time for college applications.

Parents of Hannah (7th Grader)

When our daughter was still in the fourth grade, she failed in an important essay test.  We were shocked that she was only rated for 1 of the 4 points. We went to talk her English teacher, who was also confused as Hannah had been always in the top 3 of her grade for the Accelerated Reader (AR) test, and read advanced books like 2-3 years ahead to her peers. How different those skills between reading and writing are! We understand we cannot solely rely on the teaching in school even it is a great one with a rating of 10. However, English is not our first language, even we are devoted, our direct help is very limited. Until one day, we got a flyer from a Chinese learning school and found SpiderSmart. Now this our third year with this program. Our daughter has not only attended the reading and writing, public speaking classes, but also the summer camp each year. Both Hannah and we are very confident for her oncoming STARR test. All the characters of these centers including education philosophy, professional staff, timely response in public, and the responsible director, mutually contribute to my daughter's growth! We believe the gained skills will certainly favor her school study, as well as benefit her working life in the long run. 

Vivian (2nd Grader)

Spidersmart helps me a lot in reading, spelling and writing throughout the school year. Miss Atkinson is very humorous and helpful to her students. I like reading and SpiderSmart.

Parents of Joseph (4th Grader)

Just realize my son has spent two years in this SpiderSmart program by now! In the beginning, we thought we would be very satisfied if he can develop a reading habit through this program. In the first couple of months, he "smartly" only chose the extremely thin nonfiction books, which are better if including plenty of illustrations, He had a lot of difficulties to even start an essay for the weekly assignment. Things slowly changed after half a year. He started to read various topics with continuously growing reading interests, and it takes a much shorter time to complete assigned essays too. He has stopped complaining about this program with joy from reading and writing! We also sent him to their summer camp, the teaching scope is very comprehensive, and the teachers showed great care too. My son has not only found reading habits, improved writing ability, expanded knowledge, but also, most importantly, he changed his attitude regarding studying. As parents, we are very much satisfied with this program. 


Since elementary school, we have had big concerns about her writing skills. Referred by our friends, we put her in the SpiderSmart program two years ago, and since we saw a lot of improvements. She has really expanded reading topics widely from fictional novels to history and biography. Her vocabulary and writing skills have been obviously boosted.  She won a prize in a writing competition last year, which was really out of our expectation. We are quite pleased especially, seeing her strengthened self-confidence. We are grateful for the diligent work by our teacher and very happy to recommend this program to many other kids.

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