2020 Winter Camp

We recommended that you submit a student writing sample to spidersmartbellaire@gmail.com

  • 1st Grade

    • A101 Reading & Writing 9:00-10:00 AM $129

      • Students learn to listen carefully to stories, poems, and informational texts in order to identify common words and phrases. Through books, conversations, and experimentations with language, students expand their vocabulary while building upon their fundamental understanding of English grammar. Students will use their expanded vocabulary to collaborate with one another through the sharing of inferences and ideas. They begin to write and use a combination of writing, drawing, singing, and dictating to describe their experiences and to give information. Come enjoy early literary activities designed to foster fluency, comprehension, and finding joy through reading. 

    • B100 Reader’s theater 1:00-2:00 PM $129

      • Reader's theater is a highly engaging, collaborative literacy activity that has students practice and perform short scripts. Students will learn how to use their voices, facial expressions, and gestures to interpret a story. It helps build young readers’ confidence and promotes fluency.​​​​

  • 2nd Grade - 6th Grade

    • A401 Literature Reading and Critical Essay Writing

      • 2nd - 3rd Grade (10:30 - 11:30) $149​; 4th - 6th Grade (9:30 - 11:00) $199

        • This session will be an introduction to text analysis. Students learn to observe plot structure, track character development, and to identify and emulate literary devices commonly found throughout American literature. This course will teach students how to craft narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, comparative, and research essays. Students learn how to plan, create first drafts, revise, edit, then present their research and original ideas. Grammar, diction, and language mechanics are observed and evaluated throughout the program. Every student will compile their own portfolio of writing samples that will be presented to their classmates and teacher at the end of the course.

    • B400 Public Speaking; 1:00 - 2:00 $129

      • Our Public Speaking camp covers a wide range of topics including first impressions, the art of conversation, impromptu speaking, gestures, comedy, and more. Students learn important communication skills to improve their confidence and stand out in school, their careers, and life. Students learn to be expressive, use eye contact, gain vocal confidence, and deliver nonverbal communication through gestures and body language. With small class sizes, our highly qualified coaches focus on each student. Students practice individual and group performances daily and give a final presentation during the last class. Students will learn Shakespeare and the classics through performance. This course will explore a variety of speaking events hosted at the UIL tournament.

  • 7th Grade- 8th Grade

    • B505 Literature Reading and Analytical Essay Writing 9:30 - 11:00 $219

      • This course is meant for students who are mastering their middle school writing skills and transitioning to high school. Students will investigate the purposes for which authors write and will become purposeful readers and writers. Additionally, they will practice advanced annotation and reading strategies to understand, analyze, and synthesize causes and effects to issues that impact their community. Students will learn advanced grammar and writing techniques that align to SAT standards.​

    • B510 Debate (6th - 8th Grade) 1:00 - 2:30 $179

      • Students will sharpen the distinction between Lincoln–Douglas (LD) debate and Public Forum (PF) debate. More advanced lessons will include case construction, resolution analysis, and drills to polish debate skills. This class is focused on taking that skillset developed earlier and applying it within debate rounds.

  • 9th Grade - 11th Grade 

    • ​A61o High School Advanced Reading and Writing

      • ​​This class is recommended for high school students (or highly gifted middle school students) who are on the Pre-AP and AP track. Per semester session, students will be assigned 20 or more readings (short stories), and they will be expected to produce a well-written essay within 40-50 minutes. Students who sign up must be prepared for the rigor and challenge to think and write critically. 
        On college entrance exams, this is a vital skill as students must process information, analyze content, evaluate elements, and develop a quick prewrite to establish a well-grounded piece of writing that conveys depth of thought, reflection, and a mature perception.​


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